Trump Says “Back to Work,” Then Golfs for Four Straight Days (Updated)

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Trump Says “Back to Work,” Then Golfs for Four Straight Days (Updated)

Update: Turns out we actually overestimated our president’s commitment to his duties.

Original Story: Look, we all know that work can be rough. After that relaxing Christmas break, it’s not easy getting back to your regular nine-to-five. But if you’re the goddamn President of the United States, you should probably be ready to get back into crunch time.

Enter ol’ Donny Trump:

Back to work, people. So on Dec. 26, Trump got back to the daily grind, yes?

Okay, we’ll give the man some leeway. It’s still pretty Christmas-y the day after. Surely he’ll be back to it the day after that.

Uh, scratch that. Team Trump is depending on the old, classic adage: “if I can’t see you, you can’t see me.”

And because the rule of three is a thing, Trump was still golfing the following day, even taking time on the golf course to tweet about the hullabaloo about that one Vanity Fair video about Hillary Clinton.

Just another day of work for the man who is somehow our president.

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