Trump Wants to Impeach Nancy Pelosi, Which He Can’t Do

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Trump Wants to Impeach Nancy Pelosi, Which He Can’t Do

In this episode of Donald Trump Doesn’t Know How the Government He Is President of Works, Trump is going after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with accusations of “treason” that are even murkier than his many claims of treason committed by Joe Biden, and is calling for Pelosi’s impeachment, USA Today reports.

Trump gave some condescending nicknames to Pelosi and her peer, California Rep. Adam Schiff. Schiff, a Democrat, is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and has been adamant about investigating the whistleblower report from the onset of its filing.

Congress would lose a lot of members this week if it was up to Trump, who also called for former ally turned reluctant critic, Mitt Romney, to be impeached. Here’s the catch: Members of Congress, which Pelosi, Romney and Schiff are, cannot be impeached. So even if Pelosi, and her so-called (by Trump) conniving cohort Schiff were taking in part of treasonous dealings, Trump couldn’t launch the impeachment inquiry against them he is calling for. Impeachment is solely used by Congress to investigate judges or presidents they believe have committed crimes, meaning Trump is advocating for a move that can only be used against himself, and is coming soon, no matter how many defensive, late-night Twitter rants he goes on.

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