Watch This Republican Senator Call Trump a Liar and an Embarrassment for Six Straight Minutes

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Watch This Republican Senator Call Trump a Liar and an Embarrassment for Six Straight Minutes

Senator Bob Corker did not specifically say that Trump is a liar—just that he has “great difficulty with the truth.” Corker also did not specifically call Trump an “embarrassment”—just that he’s harming our reputation abroad, he “debases” our country and he is “absolutely not” a role model for our children. This is a small window into demonstrating how Washington D.C. is messed up—that a Senator who is not running for reelection and owes absolutely nothing to this president still will not call him certain names, and will only describe them—because apparently calling a man who spouts “absolute non-truths” a “liar” is a bridge too far. Regardless, this is a bit cathartic to watch.

Trump has been feuding with Bob Corker for a few weeks now, as he took offense to Corker saying that Trump runs his White House like “a reality show,” and that “he concerns me. He would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation.” Ever since then, Corker has been a fixture in Trump’s morning tweetstorms.

Corker fired back with what has become his trademark: calling POTUS a liar without saying the actual word.

As great as the above video is, Bob Corker is not a hero in this story. He openly admits that supporting Trump in 2016 was a bad idea, and given that Trump is still the exact same petulant child that he was a year ago, Corker either didn’t think the nonsense would blow back on him, or he downplayed the risk of putting a feral baboon in charge of the nukes. Either way, while it’s nice to see some honesty coming from the party that willingly put our nation in grave danger, it rings hollow—especially since the only man in the Republican Party with the stones to criticize the president is doing so because he never needs to win another election. The silence from Paul Ryan and the rest of the cowards in the GOP proves that they would let America sink into the Atlantic Ocean before doing anything to jeopardize their cushy seat in Congress.

Jacob Weindling is a staff writer for Paste politics. Follow him on Twitter at @Jakeweindling.

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