Dear Democrats: Please Stop Letting Donna Brazile Be Involved in Anything Important, Ever

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Dear Democrats: Please Stop Letting Donna Brazile Be Involved in Anything Important, Ever

By now, you may have read the latest campaign postmortem horror story, this time from Politico, where we learned that every decision the Clinton campaign made in that critical state was not just wrong, but deliriously, criminally wrong. There is a lot to digest there, including potential in-state volunteers being turned away since voter interaction wasn’t even a low priority, staff from Iowa being yelled at for attempting to leave their (lost) state and help in Michigan, and Robby Mook getting so lost in data that he lost all sense of reality.

And that’s all worth considering. But right now, I want to turn your attention to Donna Brazile. You may know her as the single greatest avatar of Democratic failure, from her work on the campaigns of Jesse Jackson, Walter Mondale, and Dick Gephardt, to her current stint with Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Or you may know her as one of the useless talking heads spitting out empty bromides on CNN. Or you may know her as one of the saboteurs of Bernie Sanders’ campaign, when she used her role on television to leak debate questions to Clinton during the primary.

That may be enough to convince you that Democrats should take out a restraining order that prohibits her from being within 50 miles of any important party business. If it’s not, you’re in luck, because she’s the gift that keeps on giving. Buckle up and read these two paragraphs from the Politico story:

Among the other workarounds claimed was one from interim DNC chair Donna Brazile, who was persuading the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to hold the $5 million transferred to them from the Clinton campaign and to wait to spend it buying airtime for minority voter turnout in the final week they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to fund.

But there also were millions approved for transfer from Clinton’s campaign for use by the DNC — which, under a plan devised by Brazile to drum up urban turnout out of fear that Trump would win the popular vote while losing the electoral vote, got dumped into Chicago and New Orleans, far from anywhere that would have made a difference in the election.

That’s right, ladies and gents—while Clinton was managing to lose the rust belt for the first time in a generation, Donna Brazile was leading the charge to get out the vote in…New Orleans and Chicago. Which, in case you need a refresher on your electoral politics, are located in a state Clinton couldn’t win and one she couldn’t lose. They were meaningless.

At the moment, Donna Brazile is interim chair of the DNC, a post she’ll leave following the election of a new chair (Keith Ellison, if there’s any sense left in the party) in January. If Democrats are smart, they’ll keep her far the hell away from the action—any action—as they try to recover from the embarrassment that was 2016.

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