The Russian Pop Star Who Set up the Trump Tower Meeting Trolls Us All in New Music Video

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The Russian Pop Star Who Set up the Trump Tower Meeting Trolls Us All in New Music Video

Does the name Emin Agalarov ring any bells? It should: Agalarov is the adult son of one of Russia’s richest oligarchs and was the primary companion to Donald Trump on his visit to Moscow back in 2013. It was during this visit the alleged golden shower footage, known simply as the “pee tape,” was filmed. He also arranged the infamous Trump Tower meeting between Don Jr. and the Russians that apparently (extremely Paul Ryan voice) “there’s no evidence of collusion” regarding.

Agalarov is also an aspiring pop star and he would like to remind the world that he exists. The video for his song “Got Me Good,” which we hate to admit is actually pretty catchy, features a Donald Trump impersonator, Miss Universe contestants (a nod to their partnership to bring the pageant to Russia), Stormy Daniels, Hillary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg. Everyone’s caught up in some hard-to-discern storyline in which envelopes and briefcases are being exchanged in an incredibly suspicious manner. Hillary even knocks back shots with Ivanka and Jared Kushner, because as we all know, they love to party together in their spare time.

Meanwhile, a mysterious hacker figure watches everything from a dark and shady room, the only environment hackers can work in, if movies and television have taught us anything. He erases Donald Trump from footage that can only be presumed to be the pee tape and, at the end, is revealed to be none other than North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Moral of the story: Everything is a conspiracy, trust no one and Emin Agalarov is a huge troll.

Huge troll status notwithstanding, his likely goal of getting his name back in the headlines for 15 more minutes of infamy was definitely achieved. Watch the absurdity that is the “Got Me Good” video for yourself below.

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