“It’s Harder Being Rich Than Being Poor” Explains Helpful NYC Dem Councilman

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“It’s Harder Being Rich Than Being Poor” Explains Helpful NYC Dem Councilman

Time for an illustration about exactly why the establishment wing of the Democratic party in America knows only one thing: Losing.

Let’s start with the good news—on certain points, centrist Democrats and Republicans agree on something. The bad news is they’re agreeing on how little they understand, or care about, poor people. Yesterday, Republican Representative Steve King explained how we needed to cut food stamps because of how fat poor people are getting, and, today, a video was released of Democratic Councilman Fernando Cabrera explaining to a room of people—ironically, in what appears to be some sort of ad hoc church—how much harder it is to be rich than poor. It’s American Calvinism at its best:

The crux of his argument boils down to his errant belief that rich people have more responsibilities and more to worry about. It’s like the famous Notorious B.I.G. rap, “Mo money, mo problems, mo responsibility, mo things to worry about, and screw poor people, right guys?”

Cabrera goes on to explain that millionaires “get there” because of their ability to handle more pressure. The reason you, dear reader, aren’t a millionaire, is because you just couldn’t hack it. The amount you’re paid—in every situation and context, mind you—is directly proportional to how much you can handle. Your boss (obviously a genius businessman in his own right because, hey, he’s in charge of you thanks to his massive, pressure-resistant heart) is paying you exactly in proportion to how much you can handle.

It’s so simple, it’s a wonder Cabrera even felt the need to explain it to us. Obviously the single mother working two jobs and raising three kids is just a total wuss. Otherwise she’d be a millionaire single mom, raising two kids and working one job…probably CEO over at Goldman Sachs.

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