Why Won’t Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama Grow a Spine and Condemn Harvey Weinstein? (Updated)

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Why Won’t Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama Grow a Spine and Condemn Harvey Weinstein? (Updated)

Update: Clinton finally released a statement denouncing Weinstein.

Let’s start with a tweet from CNN’s Oliver Darcy:

The CNN story Darcy linked makes it clear that Clinton and Obama have been asked by numerous parties (not just CNN) for a comment on Weinstein—the producer whose habitual and disgusting incidents of sexual harassment and assault were enumerated by the New York Times and New Yorker—and have remained mum. Weinstein was a major donor to both candidates, and hosted events for Hillary Clinton in each of her last two presidential campaigns.

Clinton, especially, is known for her caution in speaking out on controversial issues, but, come on, this is not a controversial issue. The allegations against Weinstein are so widespread, and so heinous, that it doesn’t even take any courage to condemn him. Clinton was outspoken on the issue of sexism during her entire campaign, and took Trump to task for his misogynistic language time and again. So why the silence now?

It’s stumping even her biggest supporters, per CNN:

Longtime Hillary Clinton aides have been confused by the former secretary of state’s silence on the issue, questioning — in private — why she has not weighed in at all.

And it’s not like this news has flown under the radar. The Times ran an editorial explicitly taking Democrats to task for not speaking out last Friday, and Clinton had a book tour appearance in California on Monday—a great opportunity to address the elephant in the room.

Instead? Total silence.

Other congressional Democrats (like Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren) have expressed their disgust with Weinstein and vowed to return campaign donations. Tim Kaine, Hillary’s running mate, basically called her out this morning:

“Any leader should condemn this,” the Virginia Democrat told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota in an interview on “New Day,” referring to the bombshell allegations of sexual harassment by the disgraced Hollywood executive. “These allegations are low-life behavior.”

The fact that Clinton and Obama won’t say a negative word about Weinstein, even as the horrifying accusations mount, is outrageous. Is the donor class really that precious that they can’t be publicly rebuked? Do victims of sexual assault mean nothing in the face of money from the donor class?

This is the clearest illustration yet of the way money corrupts politics, and erodes the alleged “ideals” of its beneficiaries. Grow a spine, please.

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