The Best Tweets About Hillary’s New Book

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The Best Tweets About Hillary’s New Book

Excerpts have begun popping up around the Internet of Hillary Clinton’s new book about the 2016 election, What Happened. The most-shared excerpts are the ones that explicitly attack Bernie Sanders for supposedly plagiarizing her policies, attacking her character, and “disrupting the Democratic Party.” The book is shaping up to be a classic entry in the venerated genre of “sore loser blames everyone except themselves.”

But enough about that. You’re not here to learn about Hillary Clinton’s new book, you’re here to read the best jokes about it from Twitter. Off we go:

Of course, Hillary put all these jokes to shame. In one memorable section that is actually beyond the realm of parody, she compares Bernie to a character from There’s Something About Mary and then copies a meme she saw on Facebook.

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