How do the New Hampshire Primaries Work? A Very Short Q&A

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How do the New Hampshire Primaries Work? A Very Short Q&A

Today, New Hampshire holds its first-in-the nation primary. Voters will help choose the Republican and Democratic presidential nominees, and the outcome will have a significant influence on the rest of the country. With that in mind, we here at Paste thought it would be a good idea to examine the process by which the winner is determined.

Let’s do this, Q&A style!

Q: How does New Hampshire choose its primary winners?

A: Registered voters go to a polling place and cast their vote by secret ballot. The votes are counted. The candidate with the most votes wins the state. The state’s delegates are awarded proportionally.

Q: Wow. That sounds so simple. But also logical and fair!

A: Right?

Okay, thank you so much for reading! For a very different take on how to run a democratic election, one in which people are forced to vote publicly, turnout is terrible, and nobody ever knows who won the popular vote, please read our 3,000-word Q&A on the Iowa caucuses.

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