We Live in Hell: Meghan McCain Actually *Cried* About Ilhan Omar’s Remarks

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We Live in Hell: Meghan McCain Actually *Cried* About Ilhan Omar’s Remarks

Just watch (and if you’re not up for a 10-minute segment from The View—and based on the foreign policy discussion here, you really shouldn’t be—skip to the two-minute mark for McCain’s segment, or the 8:30 mark for the tears after Sunny Hostin upset her by actually making sense):

I’ve seen some classic examples of crocodile tears in my time, but this might take the cake. Not only was nothing Ilhan Omar said actually anti-Semitic—unless you believe, as many do, that any criticism of Israel is inherently anti-Semitic—but she also didn’t resort to “tropes,” and regarding dual allegiance—though she wasn’t referring to anyone but herself—it’s absolutely true that lobbies like AIPAC work for exactly that, though their targets are not the Jewish people of America (who, you might be shocked to learn, are not all possessed of a single opinion), but mostly conservative, mostly white, mostly non-Jewish elected politicians.

We all know that McCain is hyper-conservative—witness her meltdown at the mere idea of Democratic Socialism from this past summer—but it’s hard to imagine something this disingenuous. I’ve seen a lot of people try to silence Ilhan Omar over the past week, but I didn’t quite expect this. And now, let’s all return to a world where we don’t have to read or write about Meghan McCain.

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