“@ImmatureObama” Twitter Handle Translates Obama Tweets into Trump Ramblings

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“@ImmatureObama” Twitter Handle Translates Obama Tweets into Trump Ramblings

It’s our new favorite political satire Twitter handle, and as of this writing it has … 8 followers? Strike while the iron is hot, if you want to be one of the first followers of @ImmatureObama. Full disclosure: The creator is a friend of mine, which is how I discovered the new feed.

As President Barack Obama steps down, leaving us with his typically reassuring message of hope for the future, we’re all coming to terms with the unassailable facts: We’re about to have four years of President Donald J. Trump. But @ImmatureObama figures: Why wait? The best way to get used to a Trump presidency is clearly to take the rational, thoughtful, empathetic words of Barack Obama and send them through a filter to appropriately Trumpify them. Behold! That’s exactly what this Twitter account does, perfectly capturing the tenor of Trump’s favorite form of communication. The account’s description:

This fantastic translator can take Obama’s tweets and show what they would look like if they were typed by Trump’s little troll fingers.

For example: Obama’s 2015 visit to the Arlington National Cemetery generated the following tweet: “Spent the morning at Arlington. Take time today to honor our fallen heroes. We’re forever indebted to their families.”

In Trump language, however, that becomes: “Its a disgrace how many fallen HEROES we have Arlington. If I was in charge earlier I could have prevented all of this. Everyones saying it!”

Now tell us that doesn’t sound exactly like a typical Trump tweet. Below are some of our other favorite, recent @ImmatureObama tweets, riddled with beautifully realistic CAPITALIZATION, exclamation points and grammatical errors.

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