A Majority of Americans Want Trump Impeached, New Poll Shows

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A Majority of Americans Want Trump Impeached, New Poll Shows

As you may have heard around the water cooler, Donald Trump made an imperfect phone call to the Ukrainian president over the summer, and he’s more than likely going to be impeached by the House of Representatives over it. A narrow majority of Americans think that’s the right call, according to a new ABC News/Ipsos poll: 51% say Trump’s actions were wrong, and that he should be both impeached and removed from office, while 70% agree his actions were wrong. (19% say Trump was wrong, but should either be impeached by the House and not removed, or neither impeached by the House, nor convicted by the Senate, which … imagine thinking that.) 25% of Americans—look around you! One in every four of them!—still think Trump did nothing wrong—these are clearly the voters Trump said he wouldn’t lose even if he stood in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shot someone.

As the House’s formal impeachment inquiry begins its second week, the question is whether it’s actually swaying anyone: Only 21% of Americans say they’re following the public hearings “very closely” (67% of whom think Trump was wrong, and should be impeached and removed from office), while 37% are following them “somewhat closely.” 21% of those polled reached a personal verdict on impeachment after week one, with 60% of those folks deciding Trump ought to be impeached and booted out of the Oval. And party affiliation, of course, comes into play in a big way: 85% of Democrats think Trump needs to go, while 65% of Republicans think (or at least claim they think) he did nothing wrong. 41% of Dems say they’d already decided on impeachment before Trump’s Ukraine call, as did 41% of all those in favor of Trump’s impeachment and removal.

You know why they decided that? Because it’s the only rational conclusion. And with every day the impeachment inquiry continues, more and more folks seem to be figuring that out.

Take a look at the ABC News/Ipsos poll’s complete findings here.

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