James Woods’ Agent Drops Him on July 4th, Cites “Patriotic” Feeling

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James Woods’ Agent Drops Him on July 4th, Cites “Patriotic” Feeling

This is pretty great:

Along with his has-been actor status, James Woods is a Trump-conservative Twitter troll who once celebrated when the target of one of his frivolous lawsuits actually died, bragging that “if you die, I’ll follow you to the bowels of hell.” He’s not above the odd borderline homophobic tweet, even when he gets owned by Armie Hammer for it.

He also heaps praise of people like Jeff Sessions:

And tweets things like this:

Apparently his agent was sick of him and decided to act yesterday. What’s hilarious about this is Woods posted the email exchange himself in an act of blatant self-ownage:

It seems like Woods believes that people are going to be mad on his behalf, when in fact the truth is that this is good and funny. This will obviously become another chapter in the right’s victimhood complex, but so be it—they’ll defend to the death someone’s right not to bake a gay person a cake, so I’m not really interested in the hypocritical bashing that has already commenced.

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