John McCain Has Been Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

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John McCain Has Been Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer, the New York Times reports. The office for the 2008 Republican nominee for president disclosed the information last night. McCain learned of the tumor after undergoing surgery to remove a blood clot from above his left eye.

McCain is reportedly suffering from glioblastoma, which, while fairly common, also happens to be one of the most malignant forms of brain tumors. It is typically treatable using chemotherapy and radiation, but experts caution that it usually will grow back at some point. The average survival of a glioblastoma is about 16 months or so.

In response to the news, McCain has received an, “Outpouring of support… over the last few days.” Notably, president Obama tweeted out words of encouragement to his one-time political opponent in the 2008 election.

McCain is no stranger to difficult medical stays after his grueling rehabilitation to recover from wounds received in a Hanoi prison camp during the Vietnam War. Since then, he’s been a mainstay fixture of the Senate since the 1980s. During this time, he’s grown a reputation as something of an independent, occasionally straying from the traditional Republican platform to campaign for things like political campaign finance reform.

McCain will make a decision on when, or if, to return to the Senate once he’s consulted more with his doctors. We hope for his speedy recovery.

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