John Oliver’s “Donald Drumpf” Segment Broke Every HBO Viewing Record

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Last month, you may have seen John Oliver’s segment on the myths surrounding Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. It was brilliant for the way it debunked a few common talking points Trump had used to propel himself to national infamy, but it went viral for a simple slogan: “Make Donald Drumpf Again.”

You see, as Oliver and his writers at Last Week Tonight discovered, the name “Trump” had actually been changed from its original, ancestral form: “Drumpf.” By making him Drumpf again, Oliver reasoned that it would diminish the powerful mystique and reassert some reality into our country’s political proceedings. He even had hats, which sold like hot cakes.

Now, HBO has told CNNMoney that it’s the most-watched piece of HBO content ever. With 23.3 million views on YouTube, 62 million more on Facebook, and, of course, the original live viewership, it annihilates anything else Oliver has produced. (As of now, he has five segments with more than 10 million YouTube views.) Per a network spokesman, “this is a record for any piece of HBO content.”

Since that broadcast, Trump’s popularity has plummeted, and the U.S. is fully sane again. Oh, wait…

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