Here is Al Franken’s Glorious Burn of Ted Cruz

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Here is Al Franken’s Glorious Burn of Ted Cruz

You may know Ted Cruz as a U.S. senator from Texas, or a presidential hopeful, or the son of the man who assassinated JFK. But from this day forward, we here at Paste hope you know him as the man who got mega-burned by Al Franken. Here’s the story, as depicted in Franken’s new book, Giant of the Senate, which will be released next week:

For those who can’t read the tweet, it involves Senator Amy Klobuchar clearing a joke she was planning to tell an annual dinner comparing Cruz to a Carnival cruise ship after the infamous “poop cruise.” But Klobuchar didn’t explicitly mention any connection to fecal matters, which was nice of her. Yet when Cruz answered her in a patronizing tone (shock!), Franken stepped in with his version of the joke:

“When most people think of a cruise that’s full of shit, they think of Carnival. But we think of Ted.”

As Franken wrote, Cruz stopped smiling and was actually speechless—a rare occurrence. And this wasn’t the only recent Cruz burn—in an interview with USA Today, Franken insisted that he liked Cruz more than most of his colleagues, with one caveat: “I hate Ted Cruz.”

Hey, wait—why can’t Al Franken run for president?? At least he’d be hilarious in the debates.

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