MAGA Guy So Fears Being Kicked Out of a Restaurant, He Invents an App for Trump Supporters

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MAGA Guy So Fears Being Kicked Out of a Restaurant, He Invents an App for Trump Supporters

These days, it’s almost a conservative rite of passage to be booted from restaurants. Ted Cruz, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and even Fox News’ Tucker Carlson have all been 86-ed because of their political views that not only put people at risk, but have also allowed for our democracy to be eroded at an alarming rate.

Well, Scott Wallace has the solution for these poor, discriminated-against Trump supporters: the app 63red Safe, summed up as “Yelp for conservatives.”

“Our aim is to get politics out of local businesses, local restaurants and make everyone feel comfortable when they go out,” Wallace told Fox News (where 63red Safe is likely the most popular new app).

Wallace’s app labels a restaurant as “safe” or “unsafe” for MAGA supporters and asks four questions of its users: 1) Does the business serve all customers, no matter what their political beliefs? 2) Will they protect their customers if others at the restaurant criticize their beliefs? 3) Do they allow for concealed carry? 4) Is the business’ social media presence political in any way?

Watch the interview via this tweet from Media Matters’ Bobby Lewis:

This is an extremely positive indicator—not the app itself, but that business owners are standing up against those who proudly wear their allegiance to a party that has aligned itself with sexual abusers and racists so much that it has old white dudes nervous about wearing their MAGA hats in public. Their political beliefs put people’s lives in danger and allow for the separation of children and their parents at the Mexican-American border. Being loyal to Trump should be seen as an inherently shameful position to hold.

“We want businesses to understand there’s no money in politics,” Wallace said in the Fox News interview. Well, let’s vote with our wallets (as that’s how our capitalist society works) and support those businesses that dare to stand up to MAGA supporters.

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