Mexico Offers Help for Hurricane Harvey Victims

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Mexico Offers Help for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Mexico has offered a helping hand to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Speaking with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray has offered to aid the relief efforts, because as a Mexican consul general, Carlos Gonzalez Gutierrez, put it: “We live in the same neighborhood called North America. We can’t be distant neighbors, not any more, not ever.”

This gesture of friendship and goodwill came just hours after President Donald Trump tweeted out yet another call for Mexico to pay for a border wall, because even during a hurricane endangering the lives of millions of his citizens, the orange moron has his priorities.

This is not the first time Mexico has reached out to help victims of natural disasters in the United States. President Vicente sent food, medicine, water and troops to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. President Bush thanked the Mexican Marines personally after that.

Instead of doing the classy, polite thing, Donald Trump tweeted about Mexico being a “high crime” nation, forcing Mexico to once again respond and say it won’t pay for his wall.

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