Democrats Reach Biggest Midterm Polling Advantage in Over a Decade

It's their largest lead since the 2006 midterms, when they flipped both houses

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Democrats Reach Biggest Midterm Polling Advantage in Over a Decade

After nearly two years of unchecked Trumpism, it seems Democratic voters are more than ready to turn out in force for the midterm election this November. According to a new poll from ABC News and The Washington Post, Democratic congressional candidates hold their widest advantage in midterm election voter preferences since 2006, when they seized control of both houses.

The poll shows that the vote preferences among registered voters for the 2018 House of Representatives midterm has shifted to a 52-38 lead for Democrats over their Republican counterparts. That’s up quite a ways from the mere four-point lead Democrats held over Republicans in April of this year.

Elsewhere in the poll, 60 percent of registered voters say they’d rather see the next Congress controlled by the Democrats than the GOP. Preference for Democratic control is up eight points from a year ago. The last time Democrats held a margin this large, in the 2006 midterms, they gained 31 seats.

The Democratic lead is part of a broad trend of increasing anti-Trump sentiment. Trump currently sits at a 36 percent approval rating, the lowest of any president heading into his first midterm since 1954. In Obama’s first midterm election, when he held a 46 percent approval rating, Democrats lost a total of 63 congressional seats. When Bill Clinton held the same approval rating, the Democrats lost 52 seats.

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