This Stupid .GIF Proves That Mike Pence Is the World’s Most Spineless Lackey

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This Stupid .GIF Proves That Mike Pence Is the World’s Most Spineless Lackey

Donald Trump and Mike Pence visited FEMA headquarters yesterday for a briefing on the 2018 hurricane season, and it featured some classic Trump quotes like this:

“As we enter the hurricane season again, here we go, right? Are you ready?” Trump said. “We’re entering it.

Good stuff.

But it also featured one moment that is making the rounds on Twitter. It is both hilarious and enraging, and it involves Mike Pence and a bottle of water:

What a lackey! What a kiss-ass! What a lickspittle! What a brown-nosing, apple-polishing, fawning toady!

Why did Trump move the bottle to the floor? The answer, of course, is that he’s Donald Trump, and who the hell knows?

But why did Pence move the bottle to the floor? Because he saw Trump do it, and in Pence’s world, whatever Trump does is The Thing One Must Do. If that means separating innocent kids from their parents at the border, great. If it means putting a water bottle on the floor for no reason, awesome. Mindless subservience is the order of the day, and Pence is the president’s very good boy. If Trump had opened that bottle, poured its contents over his head, stood up, and yelled “today is Thanksgiving!”, then Pence would have done the same.

In short, Mike Pence is a grinning, slavish, sycophantic oaf-man, a boot-licking flunky to his core, and this stupid .gif is symbolic of everything that’s wrong with a Republican party that possesses a glaring dearth of backbone.

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