Conservatives Are Getting Mad at Cadbury For Removing “Easter” From Their Products. One Problem: It’s Not True

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Conservatives Are Getting Mad at Cadbury For Removing “Easter” From Their Products. One Problem: It’s Not True

Time for today’s perfect encapsulation of American conservatisim, except that this time it comes from the UK…

You know Fox News has convinced an entire generation of right-leaning Americans to get pissed off about stupid things like a town hanging a menorah next to a Christmas tree, or kids not saying the words “under god” in the pledge of allegiance, or a black man having the audacity to kneel at a football game? And you know, over the years, that hypnotic insanity has morphed into believing that students who speak out after school shootings are crisis actors, or that Obama was going to stage a military invasion of Texas?

Well, there’s a new “controversy” that actually feels kinda old-school. It’s Fox Newsy, but back before we knew that Fox News had turned a segment of our country into fascist monsters. This particular controversy, in fact, is almost heartwarming, and—you won’t believe this—it comes from Britain!

A few British conservatives seem to believe that Cadbury UK has succumbed to the pressure of those damn liberals, and is no longer using the word “Easter” on their products.

This apparently got started with a 2016 story in one of their weird tabloids, and now it resurfaces every year. (It even made it to Australia this year.) It’s also—spoiler alert—completely untrue. But that doesn’t matter, because boy are they pissed! And they’re letting Cadbury know about it!

Here are some individual tweets just from the last month, and please note that unfortunately, some of them are from Americans:

The poor SOB who runs the Cadbury Twitter account has had to respond to a few of these tweets, and it really seems tedious:

It must suck having a job that includes a lot of time spent answering idiots who will probably ignore you anyway because they like outrage more than facts.

Some conservatives have figured it out, though, and they’re delighted:

As Paste’s Jake Weindling said when I ambushed him with this story just moments ago, “the word snowflake is the biggest psychological projection of all time.”

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