Republicans Are Considering Re-Appointing Jeff Sessions as Alabama Senator Instead of Roy Moore

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Republicans Are Considering Re-Appointing Jeff Sessions as Alabama Senator Instead of Roy Moore

Roy Moore, Republican candidate in the upcoming Alabama Senate race, is a homophobe widely supported by white supremacists. This is fine, according to Republican lawmakers and their voter base. However, recently, Moore found himself at the center of a scandal, as now five different women have come forward with stories of how he sexually preyed upon them. Two of the women were younger than 16 when the incidents took place.

And this is, as The NYT reports, something (most) Republicans cannot abide. Other women brought forward their own stories, and stories began to surface corroborating Moore’s penchant for trying to date high schoolers. And while some Republicans have dismissed this as fake news or tried to characterize it as a minor indiscretion, rather than evidence of a serial sexual predator, most are taking these allegations seriously, no Republican more so than noted ball of neck fat and liar Mitch McConnell, who says he believes Moore’s accusers and that Moore should “step aside.” In a genius display, Moore fired back on Twitter, saying McConnell is the one who should step aside.

Now, The NYT reports that Republicans might be considering more drastic measures. With Moore virtually tied in the polls with Democratic candidate Doug Jones, some GOP members have floated the idea of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey to re-appoint Jefferson Beauregard Sessions himself as senator, eliminating the need for the race in the first place. Sessions, a horrible little elf who hates poor people and minorities, is somehow the Attorney General of the United States, but he isn’t that popular with President Donald Trump. He is still very popular with Alabama, however, and they would likely be satisfied with his return.

Roy Moore has twice been a member of the State Supreme Court, and both times was kicked out for his intolerance: first, for refusing to take down plaques of the Ten Commandments from the building, and second, for refusing to accept gay marriage. If his candidacy isn’t stopped in favor of Sessions, there are other options Republicans are considering: Supporting a write-in candidate, or allowing him to win and then expelling him from the Senate have also been considered. They could also potentially allow him to sit in the senate and just rub elbows with a known sexual predator. Some Republicans wouldn’t mind that.

It’s hard to say which would be a bigger win here. Having a Democrat, especially one with the ethical track record of Doug Jones, in the Alabama senate seat would be a coup. But Sessions is doing serious damage as the Attorney General, and removing him from that position might also be beneficial.

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