Sean Hannity Tried to Bash Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but Ended up Promoting Her Campaign Instead

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Sean Hannity Tried to Bash Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but Ended up Promoting Her Campaign Instead

In an embarrassing attempt to bash New York’s Democratic Congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Fox News Host Sean Hannity actually ended up promoting Cortez’s agenda. Despite Hannity’s attempts, it’s impossible to make free college tuition and universal healthcare sound negative.

Hannity said, “many are hailing Cortez as a rising star on the political landscape but in reality, her views, her policy positions, are actually downright scary.” Let’s take a look at that platform that Hannity is so frightened by:

“Medicare For All”
“Housing As a Human Right”
“A Federal Jobs Guarantee”
“Gun Control / Assault Weapons Ban”
“Criminal Justice Reform, End Private Prisons”
“Immigration Justice / Abolish ICE”
“Solidarity with Puerto Rico”
“Mobilizing Against Climate Change”
“Clean Campaign Finance”
“Higher Education for All”
“Women’s Rights”
“Support LGBTQIA+”
“Support Seniors”
“Curb Wall Street Gambling: Restore Glass Steagall”

The entire segment was supposed to denounce Cortez along with every other Democrat but ended up revealing how reasonable their platforms actually are. 62 percent of Americans support making public college tuition free for everyone. In January of 2017, there were 553,742 homeless Americans in need of housing. Nearly half of Americans support a federal jobs guarantee. 70 percent of Americans believe America isn’t supplying Puerto Rico with the hurricane relief they need. More than 80 percent of Americans support fundamental change or a complete overhaul of the way political campaign financing works.

Hannity also bashed Cortez for stating that she would support the impeachment of Trump if she wins the seat in Congress. However, almost the same percentage of Americans that supported the impeachment of Nixon support the impeachment of Trump, and we know how that turned out for Nixon. As for women and LGBTQ rights, Hannity can refer to the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

Someone on Hannity’s team really messed this one up, because Fox News is now supplying free advertising for the Democratic party thanks to him. Despite Hannity’s attempts to scare the public, the polls show that over half of Americans were nodding their head and agreeing with Cortez’s platform while listening to his rant. Hannity revealed Cortez’s platform and announced, “This is your modern Democratic party,” and he was right. Cortez is creating a new political landscape for the Democrats, one that represents minorities, women, senior citizens, the LGBTQ community, the middle class and everyone who opposes locking innocent children in cages or our president fraternizing with dictators.

So, thanks Hannity for giving all the brainwashed Republicans who watch Fox News a glimpse into the outside world, where Democrats are actually level-headed people who want to make education free for all and end homelessness.

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