Did Sebastian Gorka Just Assault a Journalist?

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Did Sebastian Gorka Just Assault a Journalist?

This is wild—at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) today, a Mediaite reporter named Caleb Ecarma approached Fox News contributor and former White House deputy Sebastian Gorka to introduce himself. The two had interacted before, but never in real life—Ecarma got so far under Gorka’s skin when he tweeted out a picture of Gorka’s illegally parked car that Gorka challenged him to a fight. When Ecarma accepted the challenge, Gorka changed it to a “televised debate,” and then backed down from that too. So that was the history between the two when Ecarma decided to approach his nemesis at CPAC. Here’s what happened:

Gorka shoved him! I don’t want to be one of those people screaming “assault!” at something that ended up pretty mild and left nobody hurt, but that’s kind of insane, right?

The more I learn about Gorka, the more I think James Adomian’s portrayal of him is realer than the real man.

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