What Election Candidate Do You Side With? This Quiz Tells You in Great Detail

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How Republican or Democratic are you? To what degree do you agree with potential candidates like Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? If you want to know, you can take a free 15-minute test.

ISideWith is a quick test that asks you questions about your political ideology and beliefs, and tailors its detail to your own level of involvement with optional questions. It then calculates your result and informs you on the political candidates and ideology that closely aligns with your results.

The website was founded by Taylor Peck and Nick Boutelier in March 2012. The site claims that they are not affiliated with investors, shareholders, political party or interest groups. Peck is a political analyst and tech marketing consultant, and Boutelier is an undecided voter who manages the technology of the site. Both men created the site as a way to engage voters and inform undecided or curious voters.

To take the quiz, click here, and come back to share your results if you feel comfortable doing so.

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