Here Are 56 Times Donald Trump Used WikiLeaks to Attack Clinton In the Election

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Here Are 56 Times Donald Trump Used WikiLeaks to Attack Clinton In the Election

For months, we’ve been bombarded with weekly micro-developments in a sprawling and nuanced investigation, likely the most complex in modern U.S. history. It has made many of us numb and annoyed, and we can often lose sight of the obvious. Then, when we remember the obvious, it’s hard to recall in proper context what’s at stake—namely, the system by which the will of the American people is freely and fairly expressed and enacted.

So in light of the truly major revelation yesterday—that Donald Trump Jr. was conspiring directly with WikiLeaks over Twitter messages during the final weeks of the campaign, and that all senior staffers knew it—I’d like to remind us just how stupidly obvious it is that Trump knew what he was doing the whole time. He was blatantly coordinating with a geopolitical adversary to attack his political opponent and steal the election.

Here’s the framework to remember: Donald Trump learned in his first-ever intelligence briefing as a candidate, on Aug. 17 (two days before his campaign manager Paul Manafort resigned), that the U.S. intelligence community knew Russia hacked the DNC emails that Wikileaks had been publishing. At minimum, then, we can say Donald Trump knew for months that he was helping Russia take down an American presidential candidate by weaponizing stolen information. And his entire campaign knew his son had gone right to the source.

I’ll lay out some evidence of Trump’s own willful engagement in this conspiracy in the form of the more than 50 tweets where he used WikiLeaks’s information to attack Clinton. The president and his campaign knowingly used stolen information to help Russia denigrate his opponent, and he proceeded to lie to the American people about it for months and months.

For perspective, Bill Clinton lied about a blowjob.

Quick Recap

Last night, the Atlantic broke the story that Donald Trump Jr. had been in contact with WikiLeaks in a series of direct messages on Twitter starting in the weeks before the election. The messages, which continued on and off until at least July 2017, show WikiLeaks soliciting inside influence from members of the Trump campaign at the highest level. The U.S. intelligence community has said WikiLeaks acted as an arm of the Russian government in its conspiracy to attack the 2016 election.

WikiLeaks reached out to DJTJ first, and over the months made a series of requests. Shortly after the Atlantic’s story broke, DJTJ released his communications with WikiLeaks. We then learned he had sent emails up the chain to alert the campaign’s inner circle, including Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, and Jared Kushner, who in turn shared it with Hope Hicks, a close aide to the President.

Most often DJTJ seemed to ignore the solicitations from WikiLeaks, but even though he only answered three messages in those three replies, he complied with two requests. For instance, at one point WikiLeaks (which even Trump’s hand-picked CIA Director Mike Pompeo calls “a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia”; I mean, the Kremlin has literally paid Assange) asked DJTJ to get his dad to tweet out a specific link to WikiLeaks’s archive of hacked Podesta emails.

“There’s many great stories the press are missing and we’re sure some of your follows [sic] will find it. Btw we just released Podesta Emails Part 4.”

DJTJ didn’t respond, but as a Wall Street Journal reporter pointed out, fifteen minutes after DJTJ received that message his dad tweeted, “Very little pick-up by the dishonest media of incredible information provided by WikiLeaks. So dishonest! Rigged system!” Then at a rally that day Trump thumped the same theme at three or four different times. Two days later DJTJ himself complied with the initial request and tweeted out the link WikiLeaks had given him.

At times, the requests were ridiculous: WikiLeaks wanted DJTJ to leak Trump’s tax returns to them; they urged Trump to reject the election results; they asked Trump as President-elect to have Australia appoint Julian Assange, the director of WikiLeaks, as its ambassador to the United States.

But read that again. WikiLeaks felt comfortable enough with Trump to ask him to reject the election results and throw our system of government into crisis.

That’s an insane thing to try to get your head around.

And DJTJ also solicited inside information from WikiLeaks. At one point he asked, “What’s behind this Wednesday leak I keep reading about?” (The day before, Roger Stone, an informal campaign adviser, had tweeted, “Wednesday @HillaryClinton is done. #WikiLeaks.”) WikiLeaks apparently didn’t reply. Both camps clearly maintained a cautionary distance from each other.

Of course, we can’t be sure what we’ve seen are the full DMs; it’s easy to delete them. We’d have to see WikiLeaks’ side, but even then we couldn’t fully trust it.

Again With The Tweets

If you’re not convinced by now that the Trump campaign and the Russian government knowingly and willingly coordinated their efforts, you’re probably beyond convincing. But even if you’re convinced, another problem is soon to muddy things further: WikiLeaks didn’t matter! It didn’t change any votes!

Well, of course it did. And two important people seemed to think it did matter. One of them was Mike Pence.

Here’s Pence discussing the hack’s significance to the election in an interview with Hugh Hewitt on July 29, 2016:

“If it is found that Russia or China or any other foreign power compromised the private email, or capture classified information, and then released that information through the Wikileaks or otherwise, there’d be serious consequences for that.

Why would Mike Pence think there should be “serious consequences,” regardless of the party that was attacked? Because it’s above all an attack on America, and it can undermine our faith in, and the functioning of, our democracy. (This happened.)

And here’s Pence again, flat-out denying reports last October (yes, there were reports at the time!) that the Trump campaign had anything to do with WikiLeaks. “Nothing could be further from the truth,” Pence said. On that same day DJTJ tweeted the link that he got from his WikiLeaks conversation.

The other person who thought WikiLeaks could decide the election? Obviously Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump either brought up WikiLeaks directly, tweeted links to articles about emails from Wikileaks dumps, or exploited storylines from WikiLeaks dumps at least 56 times before the election. And that’s just on Twitter.

Again, the obvious things go unsaid: Mr. Trump didn’t encourage Russia and WikiLeaks to commit espionage to commit espionage against his political opponent for no reason. He was asking Putin to help him win.

And don’t forget that the U.S. intelligence community told Trump that they knew Russia stole the emails Wikileaks had been publishing. At minimum, then, we can say Donald Trump knew for months that he was helping Russia, a geopolitical and military adversary, take down an American presidential candidate by weaponizing stolen information.

You can look them up yourself here, one of the greatest online resources available for second-rate political journalists.

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Note: On Aug. 17, Mr. Trump received his first-ever intelligence briefing. Gov. Chris Christie and Gen. Mike Flynn accompany him. The agents tell them, among other things, that the intelligence community knows that Russia is behind the WikiLeaks dumps and DNC hacks. Mike Flynn goes bonkers at this point and Christie must physically restrain him. Note the gap between the time the campaign receives this information and the next flurry of WikiLeaks references.

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Yet on this very same Twitter feed Trump has claimed repeatedly that the Democrats “invented” the “made up” Russia “hoax.” Just this weekend he called the Congressional probes into Russian interference “an artificial Democrat hit job.” (Those probes have bipartisan support.)

Beyond Twitter, Trump mentioned WikiLeaks at least 164 times in the last month of the campaign alone. He also brought WikiLeaks up in all three debates, which reached hundreds of millions of viewers. On top of that, Russian-bought Facebook posts that pushed some of these emails and similar lines of attack reached 126 million Americans.

Not 126 million views. 126 million people.

Why would Trump commit so much of his campaign time, money, and effort to pushing this content if he didn’t think it would have a significant effect on the outcome of the election? Of course it affected the outcome: Mr. Trump lost by less than 80,000 votes spread across three states.

But now we have to come to grips, as we periodically must, with the fact that this all happened. What’s more, we have to remember it’s not just another piece of Trump-Russia trivia: Donald Trump stole the election. He isn’t a legitimate President. We’ve reached a point, or we soon will, where we as public citizens don’t need to see much more evidence any time soon to be convinced of the truth that there was indeed a Trump-Russia conspiracy. It’s more important right now that we have time to prepare for what will happen to the country when all the evidence we haven’t seen comes to bear against the President of the United States. That revolution won’t be tweeted.

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