Luis Suárez Left His Passport At Home, Nearly Had To Miss The Trip To Arsenal

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Arsenal were almost handed an incredible gift.

Luis Suárez had arrived at the airport yesterday with the rest of his Barcelona teammates when he came to a troubling realization: he forgot his passport at home.

Panic! Disaster! Wailing! Gnashing of teeth!

Given that Suárez has scored 41 goals in all competitions this season for Barcelona, and that he’s one third of what some are calling the best forward line in history, this was kind of a problem.

It all worked out in the end— someone from the club rushed to Suárez’ home, fetched the passport, and brought it to the airport. The Uruguayan was allowed to board the plane with his teammates and everything worked out. (Except for Arsenal, obviously.)

Barcelona’s Round of 16 tie at Arsenal kicks off at 2:45pm EST on Fox Sports 1.

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