The Exquisite Agony of Arsenal Summed Up In One GIF

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The Exquisite Agony of Arsenal Summed Up In One GIF

On Tuesday evening, Arsenal found itself down 2-0 in the club’s Champions League match against Monaco. Depending on your particular biases, this fact left you either picking your jaw up from the ground or rolling around laughing.

Just as the clock rolled over into stoppage time, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain struck from outside the box to get the home crowd roaring and give Arsenal a lifeline. But as is ever the case with the Gunners, hope is just a prelude to further cruelty and despair. With the clock ticking late into stoppage time, Monaco scored again to take a comfortable advantage, both in terms of away goals and overall aggregate score, back home for the second leg.

It’s difficult to convey the transcendent anguish that comes from belonging to Arsenal, be it as a player or as a fan. Thankfully, the fine and upstanding citizens at Howler Magazine captured this feeling in one beautiful GIF.

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