Enjoy the Beauty of Liverpool Fans Serenading Paul Scholes

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Enjoy the Beauty of Liverpool Fans Serenading Paul Scholes

After Tuesday night’s 1-0 defeat to Real Madrid, several thousand Liverpool supporters remained locked in at the Santiago Bernebau until Spanish authorities determined it was clear for them to exit the stadium. With little else to do, those fans elected to serenade former Manchester United midfielder and current TV pundit Paul Scholes. Of course, given the nature of the two parties’ relationship, that singing wasn’t particularly kind.

In an era of fan violence, pitch invasions and flares on the pitch, the above video serves as a brilliant example of how excellent the soccer community can be. Twice during the singing, Scholes turns and waves to the loud chorus (while his colleagues are bent over in laughter) and the video culminates in a good-natured applause break from the traveling supporters. Well done Liverpool fans and well done Paul Scholes for taking it all in stride! In short, the 55 second video brilliantly embodies the words of President John F. Kennedy: “”Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.”

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