Watch The Trailer For Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Documentary

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Watch The Trailer For Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Documentary

The trailer for Cristiano Ronaldo’s biographic documentary was released yesterday and boy is it something else.

The trailer heavily features cuts of game footage showing Cristiano Ronaldo doing Cristiano Ronaldo things with a soccer ball. Mixed in with that is home video of CR7 as a youth player, interviews with family and teammates, and intimate moments with his son.

The scenes with his kid probably the highlights of the trailer. Anything showing his family was interesting, but the childhood bits mostly hit the same “young boy from humble background uses exceptional talent to catapult to the top” notes we all know. It’s the scenes with his son that promise a view into Cristiano Ronaldo: Actual Human Being. (As opposed to, Cristiano Ronaldo: Maker Of Precision Free Kicks. Or, Cristiano Ronaldo: Designer Underwear Modelpreneur. Or, Cristiano Ronaldo: Vessel For The Most Perfect Eyebrows Borne By Human Flesh.)

It’s hard to tell how much of the documentary will be fluff and how much will be an honest exploration of Ronaldo as a person rather than a global brand. Yet it’s worth noting that the team behind the Ronaldo documentary also made the brilliant film on Formula 1 racer Ayrton Senna. So, you know, it can’t be that bad.

The film is scheduled for worldwide release on November 9th.

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