England Fans Had A Massive Outdoor Party In St Etienne

Soccer News England

Yobs! Hooligans! Wild animals, those England fans! Just look at them, tearing through YET ANOTHER French city and causing havoc by… having a dance party?

Despite last week’s clashes with Russian fans that put them, and the tournament, under increased scrutiny, England fans are trying to end the group stages on a positive note. Hours before kickoff in their third group match against Slovakia, the English Invaders took to the streets of St. Etienne to thrash clumsily to music, drink, and sing wildly off-key.

It’s silly. And glorious. And exactly what the Euros should be.

Amidst all the bad behavior and resulting controversy from fans at Euro 2016, it’s worth remembering that these big tournaments are supposed to be a party. A celebration. A veritable feast of football and benign nationalism. Here’s hoping more sets of fans get to have this much fun before the group stages end and teams start going home.

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