WATCH: the New Teaser Trailer For FIFA 17 Will Rock Your Socks

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WATCH: the New Teaser Trailer For FIFA 17 Will Rock Your Socks

The new teaser trailer for FIFA 17 dropped yesterday and it looks purty.

The trailer opens with voiceover narration from José Mourinho. “People say football never changes…” It then cuts to a montage of previous iterations of FIFA, starting all the way back in the mid-90s and ramping up to more recent outings. The trailer cuts to black with Mourinho returning: “We see it differently.”

We then get shots of the game’s officially-announced “ambassadors”— Eden Hazard, Anthony Martial, Marco Reus, and James Rodriguez— wearing motion capture suits and brooding and stuff. There’s as much gravitas here as one can feasibly manage for a video game series that’s always been a little silly (and I say that affectionately).

There’s another voiceover from Mourinho insisting that “Football has changed,” a quick-shot montage of (likely) footage from the game, a shout-out to the Frostbite engine (which FIFA 17 was built on, bidding farewell to the Ignite engine used in the past few iterations), and a brief shot with Eden Hazard’s unsettlingly realistic in-game model looking into the camera.

So, hey, that’s pretty neat.

The teaser promises a “full reveal” on June 12th, which happens to be two days before the start of E3 (funny how that works!). The game is due to be released on PC and consoles on September 29th.

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