See One of the Worst Ever Hand of God Imitations

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See One of the Worst Ever Hand of God Imitations

During Thursday night’s international friendly between Austria and Brazil, Das Team striker Rubin Okotie attempted one of the worst Hand of God imitations the footballing world has ever witnessed.

Only six minutes into the match, Austria was awarded a free kick about 35 yards from the Brazil goal. Defender Christian Fuchs delivered the set piece into the box where an onrushing Okotie (evidently realizing that there was no way he would be able to get any legal body part near the ball) flapped at it with both hands. The play was made all the more ridiculous by the few moments after the ball went into the net, during which time Okotie checked with the referee as if to say, “That was totally subtle, right? You didn’t see anything, did you?” The potential Jedi Mind Trick was ultimately unsuccessful, Okotie earned a yellow card for his efforts, and Brazil went on to win the match 2-1.

By comparison, here is the original Hand of God play, as performed by Diego Maradona.


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