Watch: A Penalty Shootout Where The Balls Are Literally On Fire

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Watch: A Penalty Shootout Where The Balls Are Literally On Fire

Taking— or saving!— penalties are harrowing enough. They don’t really need any extreme (or x-treme? Is that a thing people still do?) modifiers.

And yet some enterprising football fans, bless their hearts, decided that penalties needed a little sumthin-sumthin to spice things up. So they literally set the ball and the goalposts on fire.

When, say, Mythbusters does something crazy, it’s usually in a secure location and with extensive safety protocols. Here, notsomuch. The fire penalties are set up in someone’s backyard. The goalkeeper is protected only with extra layers of clothing, some plastic shin guards, a dustpan duct-taped to his midriff, and a… Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet? For some reason??

The penalty takers don’t have anything to protect them beyond a well-cultivated sense of gumption.

There’s also another guy off to the side with a fire extinguisher in case something goes wrong (and had to use it at least once during shooting).

And then for some reason the keeper has a firework taped to his hand, because why not.

This shouldn’t need to be said but JUST IN CASE: please, please, p l e a s e do not try any of this at home.

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