WATCH: An Absolutely Ridiculous Goal Sequence From USL

Soccer Video
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Has a soccer highlight ever won the #1 spot on Sportscenter before? Because this one totally did.

Just before the half-hour mark in their home match against Sacramento Republic last night, OKC Energy won a throw-in just inside their own half. The throw was given just a bit extra oomph with a cartwheel, setting off what would be an incredible sequence of play.

The ball lofted into the box, where it was headed on closer to goal. OKC’s Miguel Gonzalez saw it float toward him, at which point he repositioned himself, threw himself backward, and launched into a bicycle kick. He connected with the ball and sent it pounding into the back of the net.

It was the only goal scored for the evening in OKC’s win over their visitors. Clearly no one else thought they could top that and didn’t want to try.