WATCH: Swansea Legend Lee Trundle Hits A Sneaky Penalty In A Charity Match

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At 40 years old, Lee Trundle is still at it. After spending the early part of his career in nonleague football, Trundle got his big chance at Swansea City in 2003, where he ultimately made 146 appearances for the club and scored 78 goals. After leaving Swansea he bummed around in lower league football for awhile, finally retired in 2013, but then un-retired earlier this season to play for Welsh third division outfit Llanelli Town. He also works as a club ambassador and youth coach for Swansea.

On Sunday, Trundle led a team of Swansea All-Stars against an Over-35s team for Briton Ferry Llansawel. The match was held to raise funds for a South Wales woman living with cancer. With the game being a fundraiser and all in good fun, Trundle, ever a showboat in the prime of his career, took the opportunity to try something ridiculous.

The result was one of the funniest trick penalties you’ll ever see. Hopping up in a stutter-step, Trundle made like he was going to bend over to tie his show but in fact shuffled right into a toe shot, pinging it past a goalkeeper who had no way of preparing for that.

The Swansea XI won 11-4, with Trundle scoring six goals. But the penalty has garnered worldwide attention, which has already resulted in an uptick in donations. With any luck, Carolyn Gammon will meet her fundraising goal and be able to afford the medicine she needs.

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