The 10 Most Memorable Women’s Street Style Trends of 2015

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A few years ago, fashion editors used to look down their noses from the front row at fashion bloggers. Then bloggers started appearing in the front row at fashion shows, landing big-time modeling contacts and becoming full-fledged moguls—all thanks to personal blogs and street style snaps. Now that street style has all but taken over fashion media, the ensembles these trendsetters are wearing on the sidewalk are trickling down to editorial spreads and, eventually, to the street on people who aren’t street-style stars. Here are 10 trends that emerged on the streets and made their mark during 2015. Better yet, they’re attainable for mere mortals with our ideas for fashionable execution.

1. Dresses Over Pants


Some of the most memorable street-style looks seem like something that a kid would wear if given free reign over his or her closet for a day. But if Garance Dore does it, it’s worth emulating. Pick a generously sized dress that’s knee- or midi-length to skim over straight-fit—not skinny—pants. Throw an unbuttoned, flowing coat on top for a pulled-together look.

2. Lace-Up Shoes


Forget teetering on cumbersome sidewalks in sky-high heels to grab photogs’ attention. Lace-up shoes come in all heights, so you can add some sultry edge to your ensemble via another-level heels (if that’s your preference) or accessible flats.

3. Fringe


Get your Wild West on, no matter where you live. Source an easy-to-find fringe suede jacket to add a little edge to your typical look, or make a bigger statement with a fringe skirt that shows a lot of leg. It’s a simple way to add some edge to an otherwise “normal” outfit.

4. Turtlenecks


Dig into your closet for a winter staple that’s cooler than you thought. This way-sensible piece is a simple way to balance out your fringed skirt or other otherwise-outlandish pieces.

5. Chunky Pant Cuffs


Avoid hemming your pants—or just wear flats with that pair you reserve for donning with your highest heels—with this easy trend. Aim for rolling pants up once 3 or 4 inches for a statement that puts your shoes front and center.

6. Skinny Scarves


Give your statement necklaces a short vacation. Get the stylish payoff in a fresh new way with a skinny scarf that’ll take up real estate and keep you slightly warmer. Opt for a neutral color scarf that matches your outfit to avoid looking like Steven Tyler. (Sorry, man.)

7. Asymmetrical Shirts


We’re not talking about the one-sleeve tops of yore. How about we just burn those? Instead, keep the asymmetrical feature to the bottom of the shirt. A plain white one with an interesting hemline is the perfect way to play up printed trousers.

8. Cropped Flare Pants


70s style may be back in style, but this pant silhouette will keep you from looking like you raided your parents’ attic (in a bad way). Keep it cropped and fresh with menswear-inspired flats for an outfit perfect for hitting the pavement in style.

9. Patchwork Denim


Hark back to Britney and Justin’s matching denim red carpet looks or back to when Destiny’s Child wore coordinating outfits with this denim redux. Keep the rest of the outfit simple and throw on a patchwork jacket or don a pair of boyfriend jeans with oversize patches on the knees.

10. Pleated Midi Skirts


Forget the maxi skirt. Take a fresh tailored look to longer hemlines with a midi-length skirt made up of tiny pleats. Pair it with a crisp button-down for a streamlined look that’ll work for the office or meeting the parents.

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