10 Tips for Mastering Between-Season Style

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One day, it’s 70 degrees and sunny. The next, we’re faced with near-freezing temperatures and high winds. Is it time to shed the tights and actually start shaving your legs again? Do you reach for a trench coat or throw on a down-filled parka one last time? These are the questions you ask yourself over morning coffee. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered—with tons of tips to help you master between-season style.

1. Boots Are Made For Walking

1A_boots male.jpgPhoto via Frye

Boots can be worn year round, if done right. When pairing a heavier shoe with spring’s more delicate fabrics, keep balance in mind. For men, a rugged biker boot or a simple leather pair in a lighter shade will keep you on trend. For ladies, ankle boots and open-toed booties are a sure fit, the chunk of heel adding a touch of glam to your spring wardrobe.

2. In the Trenches

2B_trench female.jpgPhoto via Nordstrom

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you—the trench. If you don’t already have one, make the investment. After all, there’s no better time to rock a trench coat than in between winter and spring. Trench coats are generally light enough that they won’t leave you sweating and warm enough to protect you from the breeze. And they never go out of style.

3. Twinkle Toes

3_nail polish.jpgPhoto via Sephora

Who couldn’t benefit from a little post-winter hibernation clean up? It’s time to up your mani/pedi game. This spring, ladies will want to reach for polish in shades of liquid chrome, staying on trend with brushed metallics that let your toes sparkle.

4. Ray of Light

4A_orange tie.jpgPhoto via Nordstrom

This spring’s most on-trend hue is vibrant orange. The tone can be a bit shocking when worn from head to toe, but you can easily mingle neutrals with pops of color for easy seasonal transition.

5. Spring’s New Shades

5_lip palette.jpgPhoto via Sephora
There’s no time better than spring to change your style routine. Say goodbye to seasonal affective disorder by puckering up in vibrant shades of pinks, reds and corals. Find the ones that work best with your skin tone by trying a few out.

6. Secret Garden

6C_floral pants female.jpgPhoto via J. Crew

Paired with a darker background, these traditionally sweet florals somehow seem less saccharine. This spring, petal pushers aren’t just for the ladies. You can find them outfitting men’s tees and accessories too, the moodier palette allowing for a seamless shift to spring.

7. Go Bold or Go Home

7B_stripes female.jpgPhoto via Lacoste

Bold stripes in unique color combinations are everywhere this season, providing a graphic pop. For a slimming look, stick with horizontals, but be adventurous. We’re meant to have fun with our wardrobe, and spring is the perfect time to be playful.

8. Classically Crisp

8A_white jeans female.jpgPhoto via Gap

Rules are meant to be broken. You can wear white all year long, and it is an easy transition from winter into spring. Use white as a fresh and unexpected pairing to lighten up your spring wardrobe—from chic sheath dresses to casual pairs of jeans and crisp button downs.

9. Layer Slayer

9A_layers sweater female_.jpgPhoto via Anthropologie

Layer up for inclement weather. You’ll look more stylish and pulled together when you’re warm. Always pack a sweater. You can pair them with jeans now and with denim cut-offs later. Or, reach for a stylish seasonally appropriate hat.

10. A New Scentsation

10B_scent male.jpgPhoto via Fulton and Roark

Change your scent and lighten your mood. Think fresh. Some scent selections from winter are simply too strong for springtime. Swap your heavy musks and spicy orientals for something a little lighter. This season, skip the designer brands and try something a little different.

Emily Davidson Nemoy is a freelance writer based in Nashville, Tenn. When she’s not at her computer or on her yoga mat, she can be found at live music venues happily spending her excess cash on concert tickets.

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