The Best Accessory Trends of 2015

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That old Coco Chanel adage about removing an accessory before leaving the house isn’t something that street style fixtures subscribe to today. Instead, it often takes pairing seemingly disparate accessories together to catch the likes of photographers like Bill Cunningham’s eye. You can’t walk into your office loaded up with accessories like Anna Dello Russo, (we wish), but you can take some cues for your own attainable looks with a dash of personality. Here, we highlighted some of the street style accessory looks of the year worth your time and styling efforts.

1. Fitted Ankle Boots


Ankle boots aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but, ones in this ankle-hugging silhouette broke into the scene this year. They do the job of elevating your stature, but look way more dressed up then their lower siblings. Plus, as demonstrated by Instagram’s Eva Chen, this footwear makes the perfect blank canvas for lively prints.

2. Boxy Bags


Give your slouchy purses a rest and reach for a structured bag that feels ultra-modern in a boxy shape. The solid corners leave ample room for storage and make sure that the bag won’t blend in with your outfit.

3. Bandannas


This cowboy go-to has made recent waves in post-fashion show ensembles. The utilitarian accessory serves as a nice stand-in for a bracelet or necklace while you’re not using it to mop up sweat.

4. Shapely, Graphic Sunnies


Big, all-black sunnies are perfect for going incognito—not so much when you’re hitting the pavement in hopes of landing on a fashion blog. Whether the frames are exaggerated and neon or the lenses are colorful showstoppers, it’s all about getting noticed.

5. Fringe Bags


Fringe appeared on nearly every piece of clothing in the past year, but fringe bags came out front in that race. The staple brown suede cross-body bag made frequent appearances at fashion week, but may we suggest a less expected version, like this black leather, structured version fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia is carrying.

6. Cap-Toe Shoes


This ladylike footwear detail grounds any modern look. Uncle Karl brought it back this year at Chanel and it’s coming out of the woodwork for a revival. Try it on mid-heel pumps, loafers, ballet flats, and more.

7. Flash tats


Those glittery skin accents made waves on ample exposed skin at music festivals, but they have legs for normal wear, as well. Add some dimension to an arm party or play up a cutout with this temp skin ink.

8. Midi rings


These little rings are a godsend for those who think that more is more. When stacking regular rings on every finger just won’t work, these smaller models fill in the gaps to mock up the perfect Instagram mani shots.

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