8 Ways to Up Your T-Shirt Game

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Remember the Plain White T’s and their song “Hey There Delilah?” Of course you do! But while that song has its time and place, it’s a one hit wonder—just like your own plain white tees. Takeaway: Just because they’re basic doesn’t mean they have to be… Basic.

While everyone needs a few plain t-shirts in their wardrobe, don’t overdo it. Sprinkling in a few comfy tops in fun patterns and unique styles will enhance the classic shirt and your entire look. Whether you DIY ‘em or shop them here, we rounded up eight ways to do just that.

1. Say Something


Make a statement without saying anything. Go for a tee that says something cute or funny, or even powerful—as long as you believe in it and know exactly what it means.

2. Bedazzle It


Bedazzling is making a comeback and can transform your look from dull to daring with one simple sequin. But don’t overdo it, otherwise you’ll look like a unicorn threw up on you. A subtly sparkly tee can go from day to night seamlessly.

3. Put a Party in the Back


Whether it’s the hi-lo style, has a surprise saying, or flows like a train, the back of your shirt should not be neglected. You may look basic in front, but a fun design or funny statement on the back of a shirt will give you some edge without being too in-your-face.

4. Block the Colors

The great thing about color blocking is that it’s a timeless style. Why choose one color when you can have both, or more? It may not seem like a major enhancement, but multiple colors definitely make things more interesting.

5. Tie it Up


DJ Tanner started the trend in the 1990s with a scrunchie-tied-T-shirt, and she was onto something. We aren’t saying you should whip out a floral scrunchie and tie up the bottom, but knots are a trendy and sexy way to give a plain tee more character.

6. Add a Pattern


Can’t part with the classic design of a t-shirt? You don’t have to; you can add some personality to the traditional tee buy purchasing one in a fun pattern like floral, animal or simply stripes.

7. Crop It


Show some skin or hike up your bottoms, either way, a crop top is perfect for summer. Whether you buy one or cut the bottom off your old Hanes t-shirt with the pocket, don’t be afraid to go short.

8. Cut it Out


While we don’t recommend cutting holes in your shirt (unless you’re really good with scissors), a cutout tee is sexy without trying too hard.

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