MTailor App Measures Men for Custom Shirts

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Despite its convenience, there’s always been one major issue people run into when shopping for clothes online—not knowing if something will fit. Unless you’re very familiar with the brand you’re buying, you usually just have to go with your usual size and hope for the best. Aware of this issue, creators of the MTailor App have found a way to fit customers right from their phones.

Founded by Miles Penn and Rafi Witten, the app takes a scan of your body using your phone’s camera. From there, MTailor creates a custom men’s shirt that they claim is scientifically-proven to be 20% more accurate than an actual tailor’s fitting.

The app’s shirts are fully customizable, with customers able to select the fabric used, pattern, collar, length and button placement. MTailor’s shirts start at $69, and you can download the app here.

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