5 Sneaky Beauty Products to Look Polished (Not Overdone) at Work

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The goal at work is to look polished, but not hot. Sounds easier than it is, (at least for this writer). Keep yourself on top of your office game, sans distracting chipped nail polish and smudged eyeliner, with these products that are good to stash in your filing cabinet. You may be overworked, but your beauty look won’t be—or even look it. Here are some easy basics that will come in handy, even for those that go to the office barefaced.

1. Compact Nail Polish Remover

REMOVER.jpgInstant Nail Polish Remover via Sephora, $9.50

An understated gray is office-approps, until it starts to chip. Keep the focus on what you’re saying and not your marred mani with either wipes or instant nail polish remover. Make the cleanup quick and your office mates won’t smell the telltale nail polish stench. Though, the writer’s favorite (shown) doesn’t smell like your typical nail polish remover.

2. Dry Shampoo

DRY.jpgNot Your Mothers Clean Freak Dry Shampoo – 7 oz via Target, $4.79

Sometimes a horrendous commute can turn your hair into a greasy wreck. Refresh deskside with a few quick bursts of dry shampoo. And if anyone asks what the spraying noise is, just say that you’re cleaning your keyboard with air duster.

3. Foldable Brush

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 2.24.32 PM.pngBody Benefits Pop-Up Hairbrush with Mirror via Drugstore.com, $2.49

Windy streets or head-scratching emails can put your hair awry. Smooth out messy tangles or help work in your dry shampoo with a compact brush that’ll fit neatly into your drawer.

4. Dental Picks

PICKS.jpgDenTek Triple Clean Floss Ct, Mouthwash Blast, 90 Ct via Jet, $2.38

That everything bagel staved off your hanger before an annoying meeting that could’ve been an email. But now you have to do something about the seeds in your teeth before said meeting. Having a handful of these dirt-cheap tools will help you avoid full-on flossing in the bathroom.

5. Blotting Sheets

PAPERS.jpgShine Eraser via e.l.f., $1

One can only use so much translucent powder to prevent the late-morning forehead oil slick. Prevent looking overly powdered like Queen Elizabeth I toward the end of her reign by tackling oil during the day with some discreet blotting papers.

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