Lazy Girl Hair Hacks to Get the Most out of Summer

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When the calendar flips to June, bedhead styles become all the more necessary as well as, thankfully, appropriate. Beach days add a little grit and grime to any look, but pay no mind—second day and even third day hair, when given a quick spritz of dry shampoo or hidden beneath a carefully chosen hair accessory, can make all the difference when it comes to embracing lazy girl hair.

Listed below are a few hair hacks to keep your summer style on the right side of unruly versus just plain old dirty. With a few easy hairstyles, accessories and products, lazy girl hair has never looked better—or smelled finer.

1. Bunhead

Photo via The Beauty Mark

Call it the female response to the trendy “man bun,” the quarter topknot is equally as versatile and easy styling as its older sister: the full topknot ballerina bun. For those with thicker hair, this quarter option removes the stress and strain of gathering all your hair into one, bump-free zone. This slightly messier, carefree version works best with a little tension and face-frame pieces—flyaways welcome. Unofficially this summer’s go-to hair style, the quarter knot works at the office as well as it does on a summer road trip to the dunes.

2. No Shower? No Problem.

Photo via Batiste Dry Shampoo

The holy grail of lazy girl hair starts with a manageable bedhead. The simple notion of rolling out of bed, slipping on a swimsuit and heading for the door is an ideal start to a beach day. But, if your hair needs a quick refresh before it is public ready, try Batiste Dry Shampoo and forgo the shower. Batiste accounts for different hair textures, hue and style needs into consideration with their array of scents and perky packaging, you can’t help but want to collect them all.

3. Lemon Tart

Photo via Ulta

For the beach blonde look, without spending a full day outside or at the beach, OGX Sunkissed Blonde Lemon Highlight Spray works its magic just as effectively. With a light lemony scent, this product not only activates your hair to lighten up but the bright citrus note wakes you up and surrounds your day in a lemon-ready sweetness. Just spritz over damp or dry hair and enjoy. Perfect for those of us who don’t quite live on the ocean but want to feel like a summer beach babe all the same.

4. Henna Hair Dye

Photo via via Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Conditioner

Forget the hustle and bustle of hair salon. If richly concentrated, showstopper red hair is your heart’s desire, henna hair dye lets you go lighter and brighter from the comfort of your own home. While you do have to set aside some time to let the color set, there is nothing better than achieving the perfect red from you own bathroom with a cup of tea in hand and Netflix rocking onscreen.

5. Turban Headband

Photo via Three Bird Nest

Forget the thin elastic headbands just strong enough to pull back your fringe. These heavy-duty options have enough fabric to keep even the most unruly hair in check. Made from lightweight Jersey, a turban headband is everyone’s best friend. Blessed with frizzy hair from the rising humidity? Just smooth your tresses beneath this bad boy and no one is the wiser. Perfect for adding a burst of color to any outfit, these turbans can be styled to look desert glam or achieve a more athletic-inspired look with a ponytail or low bun.

6. A Crown Fit for a Queen

Photo via Treasures & Travels

While hats and headbands are easy outfit toppers, braids have officially made a comeback and are here to stay. Blame it on the boho-revolution or Game of Thrones, cornrows, braided crowns and fishtails keep dirty hair in check and free from your neck. Pull hair off your face when hiking or get crimpy with it the day-after, these halfup braided crowns are just right for those who chose the chop and opted for a summer lob.

7. Put a Hat on it

Photo via ASOS

While dry shampoo may be the ultimate product for lazy girl hair, hats, especially caps, are the ultimate accessory. With its sun protective visor, sturdy construction and hopefully statement-making pattern, the right cap is all anyone needs to get by on a grimy summer day in the city or a quick walk along the river, through a forest, or even during a quick outdoor lunch to break up a day at the office. And really, with a hat pulled down over your face, no one will be the wiser as to what is going on underneath.

8. Hair Band Attraction

Photo via Cyndibands

Regardless of whether a fishtail braid or low-slung chignon is in your dirty hair’s future, the right type of hair band makes all the difference. The best have sealed seams so as to not pull strands and we love the neutral basics color options. If you do decide to try the messy topknot, everything blends together just right. These Cyndibands are strong, stretchy and look just as good on your wrist as they do in your hair—the ultimate test for any hair tie.

9. Oil and Water

Photo via Unite

When a shower is necessary and your bedhead style gets a rinse, adding a bit of argan oil to your routine will not only introduce loads of shine and frizz-control but your tresses will even dry faster, and as any lazy girl knows, this is ideal when the heat is on. For glossy tresses, a light fresh scent and incredible softness, Unite’s U Luxury Argan Oil is a definite must-have addition to any hair care regime.

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