A Snapchat Employee Fell Prey to Scammer, Shares Company Salary Information

Tech News

Most of us have probably had a run in with a phishing scam, or at least know someone who has.

Well, now one of Snapchat’s employees can add their self and the rest of the company’s staff to the list of phishing victims, after giving up salary information to someone they believed was Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegal.

The scammer reached out to the employee in the payroll department and not realizing that it wasn’t actually Spiegal, they proceeded to email over the private data of their co-workers.

No user data was leaked during the security breach, however the personal data of employees has now been exposed to parties outside of the company. It remains unclear how many were affected, but Snapchat has reported the incident to the FBI.

On Sunday, the company apologized to its employees after informing them that the breach had occurred. Snapchat says that it has plans to redouble the training programs surrounding privacy and security.

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