Canva Graphic Design & Photo Editing App (iPad)

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Canva Graphic Design & Photo Editing App (iPad)

Easy image editing is becoming more and more viable for the average user. It wasn’t too long ago that advanced editing techniques were reserved for power users, or people who opted to buy the latest version of Photoshop. Now pretty much anyone can pick up an app and present a respectable image to their peers at work or family members. Canva is a great way to get started on that path on the go, provided that you have an iPad to grab the new app.

For those who aren’t aware, Canva is an online application that allows you to log in and save creations by way of the web. Canva has brought the experience to iPads (an Android version is reportedly in the works), and it’s basically a 1:1 recreation. You can’t just go and create without first making an account or linking your Facebook, unfortunately.

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Once you’re in, you can select from a number of different templates (like oceans, sports, or flowers—there are hundreds of different themes), add in canned images, edit text, and import your own creations. Tapping anything allows you to change text, switch the color of an object around, or access limited editing options. That’s basically it, in a nutshell. There are tons of images available for free, or you can buy premium packs to suit your needs. The free materials are more than enough for the average user.

Templates include social media, Facebook posts, podcast icons, posters, and business cards, offering up a number of different goals. You can also search for images like bathroom signs, bar graphs, and such—things that you may want for more practical uses. The iPad app also makes it easier to collaborate between multiple users on the same project.

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While Canva has done a great job of bringing their design studio to a portable device, it’s not quite as robust a platform as many experienced pros may need. Just keep in mind that it’s mostly for beginners and keep your expectations in tow, and if you’re creating a new podcast or a new social media campaign, Canva is a great start.

Canva is an iPad app that can be downloaded for free in the iTunes App Store.

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