Evernote Scannable App (iOS): A Better Scanner

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Evernote Scannable App (iOS): A Better Scanner

As a writer I often have to sign documents and store them away for future use. Whether it’s contracts or NDAs, I have a lot of documentation on-hand at pretty much any given time. So I decided to give Evernote Scannable a try to see what it could do.

In short, Scannable “moves paper forward.” What that basically boils down to is that it scans documents, including receipts and contracts, and stores or shares them. The process is basically automatic, if you stick a paper in front of the camera, the app will scan it up instantly. The scanning process is near perfect, but occasionally you’ll need to finagle the camera around to get a good angle on the document so that Scannable picks all of it up. PDF and .JPG files are supported, and can be swapped when scanning.


The sharing feature is pretty cool too, as you can tag people for a meeting, then confirm that you want the document sent to those party members. I still have privacy concerns for really important documents, but for things like notes I have absolutely no qualms with beaming it up to the cloud. For the extra secure folk out there, you can have it save directly to your camera roll and disable iCloud sharing. You can technically connect to the Evernote service to be more efficient, but you don’t have to.

The best use I’ve found for it is business cards. If I ever go to an industry event I often have stacks of cards to go through and log, or store them in a location that I’ll remember to access later. At one location I just scanned them in and I was good to go, recalling the information later in a convenient manner.

Convenience really is the name of the game for Scannable, so if you’re fumbling around with papers often, give it a try.

Evernote Scannable is an iOS app that can be downloaded for free in the iTunes App Store.

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