Interact App (iOS): Contact Enhancement

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Interact App (iOS): Contact Enhancement

While smart devices are perfect for doing just about everything other than calling someone, they enhance that capability as well. With instant voicemail, do not disturb, and ingrained block options, using iOS or Android has its perks The same goes for SMS texts, whether it’s integrating media or pretty much anything else into a note. Interact attempts to expand upon these concepts, but you’re probably just better off using the default interface on iOS.

Simply put, Interact is keen on taking your contacts (quite literally, you have to opt-in for the app to use your contact list or it’s useless), and applying them to a new UI. The main idea is to group up specific contacts into filters and tags, and also find new ways to create contacts. If you aren’t into calling or texting much, especially en masse, this won’t really affect you much. I found that I was able to use the feature to make group SMS chats easier, but I only really do that for events—so once or twice a month.

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Another use for Interact is easily lumping contact information by way of contact signatures. As a member of the press I encounter this frequently, as every PR contact I come across has their full information in their signature. Interact can scoop all that up and create a contact. But is that feature really worth the $5 asking price? Well, it really depends on how much your professional career calls for something like that, and if you believe it’s worth the convenience fee.

Other than that, Interact is fairly bare-bones. As far as options going, the pickings are slim. There’s a last or first name first sorting feature, and the ability to turn off images. That’s about it as far as frills go. After using it for roughly a week, I started to use it less and less I found, even though I flip through my contact list quite often. It’s just easier to do it natively, especially with the advancements for iOS in recent years.

Interact is an iOS an that can be downloaded for $4.99 in the iTunes App Store.

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