Tempo Video Editor App (iOS): Speed It Up, Slow It Down

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Tempo Video Editor App (iOS): Speed It Up, Slow It Down

Video skills have become more important than ever before. At any moment someone can pull out their phone and record a tragedy, or a funny happenstance like a bird eating out of a Cheeto bag that flew out of the trash. Tempo can help make that clip a bit more interesting for free, but it’s a bit limited in what it can actually do.

Tempo’s main gimmick, as you can probably guess, is speed. With the touch of a button you can either draw upon existing video on your device or record a new one, and make it run faster or slower. You can also set it to music based on your playlist, and share it to a variety of social network channels such as Instagram and Facebook. Sounds simple right? Well, it really is.

There’s five speed modes in all, and really, that’s the functionality that you’re getting upfront. The cool part of Tempo is that you can shift speeds for individual sections, which is great for stunt videos and the like. Fly Labs offers a series of different apps to sort of some together to form the Voltron of editing, including Clips, Fly, and Crop. Clips is sort of like Vine on speed, Fly is a basic editor for on-the-go use, and Crop, well, crops things.

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With each app, including Tempo, you’ll need to buy the $5 premium version to not have watermarked videos. It’s not a big deal for casual editors, but anyone who’s a tad more professional will likely be tempted.

If you’re the type of person that takes silly videos of their animals, you’ll probably love Tempo. As it stands, I don’t think it really offers anything that an on-the-cheap video suite won’t get you, and then some.

Tempo is an iOS app that can be downloaded for free in the iTunes App Store.

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