Tweetbot 4 App (iOS): The Ultimate Twitter Experience Gets Better

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Tweetbot 4 App (iOS): The Ultimate Twitter Experience Gets Better

I’ve used Tweetbot for what feels like ages now—I can’t imagine using another client. It’s so entwined with the way I use Twitter that people often ask me what theme I’m using for the original app, and I kind of pause in confusion. But there’s a price for progress, as each iteration of Tweetbot forces you to pay up again for each and every upgrade. Normally I’d complain, but when I’m this happy with the day-to-day experience, I find myself willing to shell out the cash.

The chief upgrade this time around is the sleek new UI, built for iOS 9. iPad support is universal, and the new landscape view on both a smaller device and an iPad (which includes split view multi-tasking) are pretty phenomenal. Part of that UI upgrade takes shape with the new browser, which is leaps and bounds better than it was in the past.

In short, it feels like iOS’ native Safari, with an easy to find button to switch over to said app if you prefer it. The new night-view mode is also a lifesaver when you’re checking your account before bed.

Tweetbot 1.jpg

Statistics are now easily accessible as well, which include engagement and follower counts within a specific period of time. This is great for brands on the go as well as personalities, as they can track their progress with an easy to read chart. It’s a minor complaint, but retweets are no longer accessible within the base menu, and a few extra clicks are necessary.

But all of the other quality of life upgrades, like a complete flip of the reply chains within embedded tweets to the bottom half of the screen, feel like they should have been there all along. It still has a few more hurdles though, like the inane requirement to go through favstar to locate favorited tweet choices.

For the past week I’ve used Tweetbot 4 in tandem with the previous build, and I’m at the point where I’m ready to fully switch over and not look back. Tweetbot remains the king with the fourth iteration, and if you use it daily, upgrading is a no-brainer. The premium pricetag isn’t probably necessary for everyone, but if Twitter on iOS is part of your daily life, there’s no reason to not have Tweetbot 4 on your home screen.

Tweetbot 4 is an iOS app that can be downloaded for $4.99 (for a limited, or for Tweetbot 3 users) in the iTunes App Store.

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