10 Apps to Keep Your Family Entertained During the Holidays

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10 Apps to Keep Your Family Entertained During the Holidays

At this time of year, many of us will be gathering with friends and family to enjoy some festive spirit and maybe dodge any awkward conversations. One perfect way of avoiding uncomfortable discussions is to use some entertaining apps.

We’ve rounded up ten great apps and games for keeping the family happy and working together, no matter how divisive opinions may be.

1. Heads Up! ($0.99)
headsup.jpgWell known to fans of Ellen DeGeneres, Heads Up! is a fun re-imagining of a popular traditional game. Players “draw” a deck with their phone before placing it on their forehead, and relying on the clues of their friends to figure out what the answer is. Decks include celebrities, movies, animals and many more. You can even record your favorite moments to look back at later.

2. Charades! Free (Free)
charades.jpgCharades is always a fun family game to play. This app makes it easier to come up with some ideas, offering plenty of suggestions covering a wealth of different categories. It also encourages you to tackle each clue with a variety of different activities — not just describing things.

3. Plex (Free)
plex.jpgSometimes, you want a more relaxed way to entertain visitors. Plex is the ideal app for organizing all your videos, music and photos, making it simple to show off a home movie, or watch a classic flick. Some set up is required, and a subscription membership is ideal, but it’s the gift that will keep on giving.

4. Eventbrite (Free)
eventbrite.jpgWant to take the family out somewhere? Eventbrite is great for finding popular local events easily. Just browse through the selection to see what’s coming up now and in the future. You can even use it to buy tickets, while also viewing directions and maps. There’s sure to be something going on nearby you, that’ll amuse young and old alike.

5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas! ($2.99)
grinch.jpgThe youngest members of the family deserve to hear some classic stories that you heard as a child, too. How the Grinch Stole Christmas saves you digging out a book, while still giving them the traditional experience. Besides telling the imaginative tale, you can also participate in a series of fun mini-games, ensuring there’s plenty to do.

6. A Charlie Brown Christmas ($5.99)
charliebrown.jpgWant another classic re-imagined for the iPhone generation? A Charlie Brown Christmas is the perfect addition. The app tells the classic story, along with original dialogue from the 1965 animation. You can interact with various scenes, playing Schroeder’s piano, going carolling, or simply decorating the Christmas tree. It’s perfect for getting in the festive spirit.

7. States and Plates (Free)
states.jpgLots of traveling by car coming up? States & Plates modernizes the License Plate game, making it simple to track all the plates you see. Alongside that, you can calculate distances, challenge friends, and keep score of how you’re doing. It’ll even keep an eye on how many days it’s been since you last saw a new one.

8. NORAD Santa Tracker (Free)
norad.jpgKids love to see what Santa is up to. NORAD Santa Tracker makes it easy to count down the days to Christmas, before following his progress on December 24. You can keep a close eye on just where he’s traveling to next, while also participating in some fun mini-games along the way.

9. Periscope (Free)
periscope.jpgWhole family not able to gather around the Christmas tree this year? Use Periscope and you can broadcast and livestream the day anyhow. Simply start streaming with the app and other loved ones can interact via hearts and comments. It’s a fun way of ensuring everyone feels a little closer to each other, even if the distance isn’t ideal.

10. Untappd (Free)
untappd_680.jpgFor a distinctly adult and more mature Christmas, many will be indulging in various new beers. Untappd is a social networking app for beer lovers. It makes it simple to keep track of all the beers you’ve tried, while also recommending new ones to try out. You can check in at your local bar, or simply when you’re drinking at home, garnering some new ideas courtesy of friends and other users.

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